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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to all U.S. families who demonstrate a financial need. The amount of the aid is based on demonstrated need. 

Once a prospective student is accepted to St. Lawrence Seminary High School, each family receives a financial aid packet. The application is completed by the family and mailed directly to an outside, independent firm. This firm reviews both the completed application and any supporting, required information, for example the family’s previous year’s tax forms.

It typically takes six to eight weeks from the time the family mails the application to the firm until the application results come to St. Lawrence. The results are reviewed by the Business Office, which then determines the amount of financial aid a family will receive. Once this step is finished, the Business Office contacts the family with the results.

There are various payment plans available. International families can decide to make one or two payments. Domestic families can make spread payments over one, two, four or ten installments. Payment can be made in cash, or by check, credit card or debit card.

St. Lawrence also partners with Smart Tuition ( for the processing and collection of our families' tuition and fees. St. Lawrence and Smart Tuition work together to provide payment plans, access to online account balances, payment receipts and reminders. 

The Business Office kindly requests that all financial aid applications be completed as soon as possible upon your son's acceptance to St. Lawrence. 

Any questions regarding the financial aid process should be directed to the St. Lawrence Business Office at: 920-753-7500 ext 7300.


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