A Day In The Life

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of a typical SLS student…

6:20am: Wake Up – The first dreaded bell of the day.  Time to wake up!  Time to be alive!

6:45am: Breakfast – Start the day off right with a little nourishment.

7:10am: Morning Prayer – Begin each day by thanking God for the gifts we have.

7:25am: Morning Classes – Class?  We have to learn and study? 

9:00am: Snack – A little energy boost to get through those morning doldrums.

11:40am: Lunch – Half the day is done.  Time to eat and relax for a few minutes.

12:25pm: Afternoon Classes – Back to the grind, the business of the business.

3:40pm: School’s Out – After a day in the classroom, we need to get ready for the after-school events. 

4:00pm: Afternoon Activities – Intramurals, practice, or the great outdoors – time to be active!

6:00pm: Dinner – An evening meal with fraternity brothers.

6:30pm: Work Crew – We take care of our home, the Hill of Happiness.

7:15pm: Evening Prayer – As we wind down, it is time to thank God for another full day of life.

7:30pm: Study Hall – Studies are never done.  Must keep focus, must get good grades!

8:30pm: Free Time – Canteen is open!  Maybe a little evening TV or time spent in St. Fidelis Hall.

Time to go to bed! – Rest is needed.  See you in the morning!