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I Am A Son Of Calvary

What does it mean to belong, to be a member?  Do you need a pin, a card, a trinket or some kind of recognition?  How does any son of Calvary acknowledge, communicate and celebrate a commitment to his alma mater?

What is the I Am A Son of Calvary Legacy Commitment?

It is well known that those who have received a St. Lawrence education, find it difficult to put a monetary value on the impact this exceptional educational and spiritual formation has had on them.  Many acknowledge that it prepared them to function as an educated leader in a vast and rapidly changing society.  Others recognize the investment the Capuchins and benefactors have made in them. Having received a valued education, at a fraction of the cost of comparable educational institutions, how does each son of Calvary continue his commitment to St. Lawrence? 

The newly designed I am a Son of Calvary Legacy Commitment is a means to that end.  By eliminating the traditional membership dues model, we take this opportunity to offer each alumnus an occasion to support St. Lawrence, its capital initiatives, and the functioning of the Alumni Association.  In other words by donating to one, you donate to the other, saving membership tracking and renewal drives, mailing and printing costs, and inclusion/exclusion practices. 

Here’s how it works.  Twenty-five percent of your donation toward the biennial capital initiatives is directed to the operating expenses of the association. 

By completing the on-line form you have made a donation to this year’s capital initiative and the Alumni Association.


Men Who Inspire

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To Our St. Lawrence Seminary High School Family:

St. Lawrence Seminary High School - Men Who Inspire - Sesquicentennial CelebrationWhile the SLS Spirit is difficult to put into words, no one who has climbed the Hill has failed to detect its presence.  It has been said that the Calvary spirit is a strong spiritual force, rooted in poverty and simplicity - a force by which St. Lawrence Seminary has survived and flourished for 150 years.  

The spirit flowed from St. Francis to the Capuchins and in the middle of the 19th century carried forward to American by Fathers Francis Haas and Bonaventure Frey.  It exists today in the relationship between faculty and student body, their families, the alumni, donors, benefactors and friends - the family spirit that is the pride of St. Lawrence. 

Join us in celebrating the men in our lives who live the Calvary Spirit.  Commemorate a man in your life with a dedication page in our one-of-a-kind hardcover Men Who Inspire photo journal book. Whether surprising him with this unique gift or telling him ahead of time about this tribute, he will treasure this once in a life time gift forever. The recipient need not be an alumnus of St. Lawrence, but one who lives the charism of St. Francis by:

  • Demonstrating significant outstanding contribution to his profession, vocation or personal life.
  • Cultivating an evident pursuit of Christ-centered thinking and lifestyle.
  • Dedicating his life to developing the mind of Christ in others.
  • Exhibiting an enthusiasm or vigor that typifies and represents the spirit of their Catholic foundation.

Watch for nomination information for future publications.  
To order a copy of the Inaugural 2010 Sesquicentennial Photo Journal Book contact Francisco Sauceda at 920-753-7518 or

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